The Luxury By Leonardo brand was born in 2021.

Raised in Milan Italy, Leonardo has always been driven by an innate love of gemstones, music, art and fashion. He left his successful career at a well-known jewelry firm to follow a dream and enter a new adventure of creativity through the hands of highly skilled jewelers and gemstone artisans, bringing Leonardo's infinite and romantic imagination to life, allowing him to tell his story through his designs.
His mission is to provide affordable luxury to all the lovers of elegance, with quality jewels to be worn every day for generations to come.

Today, Luxury By Leonardo proudly offers a beautiful range of quality jewelry  in 14K and 18K gold with fashion designs with natural diamonds and genuine gemstones. 

“The ability to produce an object d’art from a glimpse of imagination is what makes us special as human beings. I love to bring happiness to people whether in the form of music or fine crafted jewelry. To me, jewelry making is a combination of musical notes and gemstones which provides the wearer with an harmonious union of pleasure"